The Gatherings 

TreeSisters Full Moon Online Retreats

 with Clare Dubois

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When Goddesses Gather

'When a thousand goddesses gather, the Divine Feminine Herself

shall rebirth through their combined energies'

~Tibetan Buddhist myth

Something becomes possible when women gather consciously in deep presence with each other...

We move from a state of emergency into emergence...

From limitation into infinite possibility...

From confusion and disillusion into deep intuitive knowing...

We remember our true nature… of who we are and why we're here.

You're Invited

Our moon calls are an invitation to embody all that you are as a woman of the Earth. Gather with our global circle of sisterhood each full moon to relax into nurturing Nature connection together. Come join us…

By registering for our full moon online retreats, you are opting in to the TreeSisters newsletter

The Gatherings at full moon are going to follow the sacred geometry of the TreeSisters Map (our Blue Print of a Restorer Species) that we unveiled within the campaign in 2017.  

This is a flow of energy much like consciousness acupuncture designed to unleash our life force and bring us back into connected harmony with self, other and nature. You can step in at any time and any place on the Map, and we will simply follow the flow as the year turns and the moons shine their unique light on these inner aspects of ourselves.  

As part of this deepening inner journey, you are also invited to step into direct sisterhood within our core Facebook community - a space of mutual respect, deep sharing, honesty, revelation and creativity. You will receive an invitation to join that group when you sign up to be part of this moon group.  

What Women Are Saying

"Like trees, women grow taller when they are together… the older ones nourish the younger and the younger support the older. In community women and trees are stronger and are able to grow in their diversity and personal uniqueness... Since I made the decision to become a TreeSister, I've watched the organization grow and take root in a sustainable way... They empower women and they provide a map for women to connect back into nature and find the nourishment in community. I am so happy to call myself a TreeSister."

Louise Tarrier

"Before TreeSisters I was tired of witnessing the destruction of the magnificent planet and home we’ve be given, that sustains us and gives us life. I was tired of watching trees being systemically clear cut all over the world, including right here in my own local neighborhood... And I was tired of feeling helpless, hopeless, and most truly like there was nothing I could do... Today I feel inspired, empowered and joyful to be part of the TreeSisters community. Gone is the fear, the hopelessness, the helplessness I once felt. In its place lives excitement, awe and deep connection to my feminine soul and the feminine soul of the world. Through TreeSister’s monthly online gatherings and teachings, I can see that the potential to expand this work and movement into local areas as well, to reforest our earth and also our fierce and feminine hearts, is limitless and profound."

Alexa Major

"Thank you so much Clare - this was such a wonderful experience - I've never in my life felt so much love for my body - I've seen myself lying in the river, I became the river, I felt love flowing through me like warm water - then I've seen the Moon and felt the love flowing down from the sky into my body, my heart and soul and I've just felt loved and happy - THANK YOU!!!"

Mirjam, Switzerland

By registering for our full moon online retreats, you are opting in to the TreeSisters newsletter

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